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Transformative Buddhism: A way of life for several Lamorindans

LamorindaweeklyLamorindaweekly - Feb 22, 2017
Transformative Buddhism: A way of life for several Lamorindans. By Sophie Braccini. SGI members meet at the Gelbaum's: Bill Waterman, top left, next to Martin Gelbaum. Carla Gelbaum, front left. Photo Sophie Braccini. Several times a month Lamorinda ...  


For Christians Who Feel Betrayed By Christianity

Cherokee Tribune Ledger NewsSojourners - Feb 17, 2017
Since the election of President Donald Trump, many Christians are asking: How could so many Christ-followers agree with actions that are so decisively un-Christlike? Many Christians are struggling to understand how two things that are diametrically ...  


Could Catholicism handle the discovery of extraterrestrial life?

Crux: Covering all things CatholicCrux: Covering all things Catholic - Feb 24, 2017
NASA confirmed the discovery of seven new exoplanets not too far from Earth, bringing humanity one step closer to finding other livable planets and, possibly, extraterrestrial life. Does Catholicism have the means to survive such a discovery? The pope ...  


That's Not My Mormonism

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Jan 30, 2017
I recently listened to a podcast on A Thoughtful Faith where the host Gina Colvin invited Peter Bleakley on to talk about his view of Mormonism. While I disagree with some of his ideas of the best parts of Mormonism and about whether or not the ...  


Our debt to the children of the Reformation

Spectator.co.ukSpectator.co.uk - Jan 26, 2017
This link between Protestantism and individual liberty remained axiomatic for all sorts of 20th-century thinkers and politicians, on the left as well as the right. It was part of the empire creed of Churchill and Enoch Powell, and part of the Roundhead ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses settle suit alleging cover-up of child sex abuse

Reveal (blog)Reveal (blog) - Feb 17, 2017
The Jehovah's Witnesses settled a lawsuit this week brought by a Pennsylvania woman who says the religion's leaders covered up sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager. The settlement came five days into a trial in which Stephanie Fessler, a former ...  


In Pictures: Sufism Meets Hinduism at Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

News18News18 - Feb 19, 2017
Pakistan's, and in particular Sindh's, union with Islam, Sufism, and Hinduism dates centuries back. Sitting along the west bank of the Indus River in Sehwan Sharif is the famous shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (Jhulelal) — a Sufi saint revered in many ...  


Indonesia election reignites debate about Islam and the state

Financial TimesFinancial Times - Feb 19, 2017
Controversy thrusts anti-Chinese/Christian sentiments into open.  


Judaism Doesn't Need This 'Genius'

Commentary MagazineCommentary Magazine - Feb 16, 2017
Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who chose us from among the nations and gave us His Torah. –Talmudic blessing over the Torah. Helen: Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in; and to fit in, we've just got to be like ...  


Why Iran's Shia Threat Is Very Real for Faraway Egyptians

The National Interest OnlineThe National Interest Online - Feb 21, 2017
They want to create their [Persian] empire again and that means spreading Shiism.” Its. The commonly accepted view holds that rising sectarian tensions in general, and those between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia in particular, are driven primarily ...  


Well done, Pak allows export of holy water from Kartarpur Sahib

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Feb 25, 2017
Farooq said three ancient gurdwaras visited by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, have also been reopened. “The doors of these gurdwaras — one in Peshawar and two in the Nankana Sahib district — were closed after the Partition, and now they have ...  


Sufism made simple

The HinduThe Hindu - Feb 20, 2017
A series of four books to acquaint you better with the works of Sufi writers. Our Shaikh Sa'di is a selection from the Gulistan and Bustan — the two masterpieces of Persian literature. Written by Sufi poet and writer Shaikh Sa'di, the books abound in ...  


Hicks column: Schools should stick to the facts, as should everyone else

Charleston Post CourierCharleston Post Courier - Feb 17, 2017
Of course, religion played a big role in all that history and the curriculum mentions Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism – even Confucianism. Which, like the rest of history, is apparently pretty Confucian to some adults. There is one ...  


Association to mark Laozi's birthday with float parade contest
The Star Online - Feb 17, 2017

THE Federation of Taoist Associations Malaysia (FTAM) is organising a float parade contest for the first time in Kuala Lumpur to mark the birthday of Laozi on March 12. The aim of the competition was to promote the peaceful philosophy of Taoism, said ...  


UC Davis receives $1.5 million to advance study of Jainism

newsindiatimes.comnewsindiatimes.com - Feb 17, 2017
Mohini Jain, president and founder of the Mohini Jain Family Foundation, has donated $1.5 million to the University of California, Davis, to advance the study of Jainism, considered one of the world's most revered and ancient philosophies. The gift ...  


Converts must die: Kurdistan's Zoroastrians outraged by Islamic preacher

RudawRudaw - Feb 5, 2017
Mala Hasib, the Islamic preacher in question, made the remarks in an interview with the BBC Persian late last month when asked about the fact that some Kurdish youths are converting to either Zoroastrianism or Christianity from Islam, in light of the ...  

Unitarian Universalism

We Swim in the Depths

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Feb 15, 2017
How Unitarian Universalism tends to be more broad than deep, though that's not always true, certainly. Much depends on congregational desire and culture, ministers, and lay leaders. Choices like Soul Matters; Faith Forward; how congregations make ...  


Embrace Your Inner Rastafari with This Spirulina and Banana Chocolate Smoothie
Munchies_ Food by VICE - Feb 15, 2017

Those are words of Jamaican Reggae star Chronixx on his 2014 song “Spirulina.” The singer is well-known for his love of ital cooking and pretty much all things Rastafari. He also seems to be just a tiny bit obsessed with spirulina, a.k.a. blue-green algae.  


Records tumble at Mountainview High School swimming sports

Timaru HeraldTimaru Herald - Feb 23, 2017
For Shinto it was a case of deja vu as the senior records he lower were already his own from last year. He won the 50m freestyle (26.27s), breaststroke (35:03s), butterfly (28.34s), the 100m open freestyle (59s) and the 100m open individual medley (2m ...  


As atheism rises, nonbelievers find one another

MyAJCMyAJC - Feb 21, 2017
Still, atheism (or at least the acknowledgment of it) appears to be on the rise — though slightly. Pew's 2014 Religious Landscape Study found that 3.1 percent of American adults say they are atheists, up from 1.6 percent in a similarly large survey in ...  


How a Commitment to Facts and Truth Led Me to Paganism

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Feb 1, 2017
Writing A Commitment to Truth turned out to be a very introspective exercise. As I worked through the seven major sections – and especially the first three – I realized these are things I've always believed. Nobody taught me that facts are sacred, that ...  

New Age

Organic beverage producer New Age Beverages completes Nasdaq ...

Denver Business JournalNasdaq - Feb 15, 2017
New Age Beverages, which sells natural and organic beverages, raised $15 million by offering 4.3 million shares at $3.50 on Monday. The company's.  


​I Tried Luxury Meditation Classes and Here's What Happened

Men's HealthMen's Health - Feb 23, 2017
It would be easy to call Inscape the SoulCycle of meditation. First of all, it's located in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood which has become something of the city's boutique fitness district with sweat-inducing luminaries like Barry's Bootcamp and ...  


Astrology for Feminists, Week of Feb. 12-19

Wear Your Voice (satire)Wear Your Voice (satire) - Feb 13, 2017
This week's astrology features a waning Moon in Libra, which is ideal for self-care, quiet time and positive conversations. by The Mystical Sister. With the effects of last Friday's eclipse fading and a balanced waning Moon in Libra taking up most of ...  


A Reincarnation of Chinatown's Finest Eatery

The New YorkerThe New Yorker - Feb 3, 2017
Doyers, one of Chinatown's oldest streets, has a new resident. Once upon a time, the quaint bend in this serpentine alley (previously known, unsubtly, as the ...  


Life imitates Akira: the NSA's fear of psychic nukes
MuckRock - Feb 17, 2017

A classified government document opens with “an odd sequence of events relating to parapsychology has occurred within the last month” and concluded with an alarming question about psychics nuking cities so that they became lost in time and space.  


The Blooming Staff: Crowley Didn't Burn Hot Enough

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Jan 24, 2017
The theory of Rosicrucianism set forth in The Rosicrucians revolves around a belief that all religions originated in the primitive worship of the principle of Light or Fire as the animating force of the universe, which is represented by the sun in the ...  


Shamanism Finds New Followers in the Modern World

Reporting TexasReporting Texas - Feb 7, 2017
Gerry Starnes, who founded Austin Shamanism more than a decade ago, said he's seen more interest. The group has 2,501 practitioners, according to its Meetup page, and meets Monday and Wednesday nights at the Clear Spring yoga studio to explore ...  


Interpreter no-show stalls Chigwedere witchcraft case | The Herald

The HeraldThe Herald - Feb 19, 2017
The non-availability of an interpreter for the witchcraft case pitting former education Minister Aeneas Chigwedere and his son last week forced the outgoing Chief ...  



BeliefnetBeliefnet - Feb 10, 2017
Those who profess to the Wiccan faith are, at best, often looked at suspicion and bewilderment. The portrayal of witches in popular culture only worsens and perpetuates this, keeping much of the public in the dark concerning what Wicca is and is not.  

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga
Kent Online - Feb 20, 2017

A class for all ages and abilities taught in a progressive scheme of work with many options to suit both those new to yoga and those with experience. A class for all ages and abilities taught in a progressive scheme of work with many options to suit ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

A new place to say namaste in Halifax: Ashtanga yoga celebrated

TheChronicleHerald.caTheChronicleHerald.ca - Feb 15, 2017
The not-for-profit organization aims to build a community of Ashtanga yoga practitioners throughout Atlantic Canada, develop a comprehensive web-based members directory, build an educational website and provide a meeting place for members to gather, ...  

Bhagavad Gita

Scripture Study: Bhagavad Gita (book three, verses 20-24)

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Feb 14, 2017
We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. Here are all of the posts on the previous verses for the Gita: Bhagavad Gita Study. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 20.  

Reiki Healing

What The Medical Intuitive To The World's Elite Can Teach Any Entrepreneur Feeling Stuck

ForbesForbes - Jan 26, 2017
She then helps to re-integrate these lost pieces of self through further conversation and Reiki healing treatments to re-process the truth of the unconscious mind—all of which create a new reality or a new lens for the patient to look through. “It is ...  

Falun Gong

'Urgent Action' for Falun Gong Practitioner Facing Life Imprisonment in China

The Epoch TimesThe Epoch Times - Feb 23, 2017
Human rights organization Amnesty International has issued an “urgent action update” for a Falun Gong practitioner who is facing life imprisonment. Chen Huixia, who is around 60 years old, was arrested under dubious conditions and is now facing three ...  


My Scientology Movie: Documentary that isn't as novel as it appears ...

DorkShelf.comThe Globe and Mail - Feb 17, 2017
Documentary-maker Louis Theroux uses his charisma to great effect, but the Church of Scientology has become a tired target.  

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards And Fortune Tellers: Nicole Miller Fall/Winter 2017 Has A Gypsy Grunge Vibe

ForbesForbes - Feb 11, 2017
Nicole Miller, known for her sexy, youthful, beautifully constructed clothes, showed her Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Gypsy Grunge, at Skylight Clarkson Square Friday night. "The Star, The Empress and The Queen of Swords aligned to inspire my gypsy ...  

Hare Krishna

Man steals $1,000 from Hare Krishna, tackled by Florida student

Gridiron NowGridiron Now - Feb 10, 2017
A Florida student was tackled and arrested after stealing more than $1000 from the Hare Krishna lunch line on campus Thursday.  


Winner of the 2016 TS Eliot Prize, poet Jacob Polley, on his journey so far

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Feb 7, 2017
He hasn't ever visited India but he is acquainted with the Indian culture through the Upanishads, “As a teenager, I studied the Upanishads as part of Religious Studies A-level, which was taught by some charismatic teachers. I can never forget the ...  


Caller: Lady Gaga brought Satanism, New World Order to Super Bowl

New Jersey 101.5 FM RadioNew Jersey 101.5 FM Radio - Feb 7, 2017
According to Donna in Montgomeryville, PA, Lady Gaga was glorifying Satanism and the Illuminati, but she doesn't stop there. There are supposedly links to Wikileaks and John Podesta as well. Yup, all that during a 12 minute halftime performance. I don ...  

Handwriting Analysis

Lech Walesa Denounces Report Labeling Him a Communist Informer

New York TimesNew York Times - Jan 31, 2017
WARSAW — A handwriting analysis has determined that Lech Walesa, the leader of Poland's anticommunist Solidarity movement and later the president of Poland, was a Communist paid informant in the 1970s, according to a new official report issued on ...  


Does the Large Hadron Collider Actually Disprove Ghosts?

GizmodoGizmodo - Feb 23, 2017
The Large Hadron Collider sits underground, spanning over five miles across beneath the bucolic suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. This metal behemoth serves ...  


Demons continue seven-game homestand against Arkansas State
nsudemons.com - Feb 23, 2017

Four games, however, remain on the Demons' season-opening, seven-game homestand at Brown-Stroud Field. Three of those come against Arkansas State, starting at 6:30 p.m. Friday. The three-game set, which will feature local Girl Scouts selling cookies ...  


Vampires, magic and Bob Marley: NME's weird phone call with reggae legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry

NME.com (blog)NME.com (blog) - Feb 8, 2017
If the history of reggae was the Old Testament, Lee 'Scratch' Perry would be God. He was there, making it happen. In 1968 he released 'People Funny Boy', one of the first ever reggae tunes. Two years later he was approached by Bob Marley to produce the ...  


Fear Not, Nats Fans: Bryce Harper Will Protect You from Zombies

CBS LocalCBS Local - Feb 23, 2017
WASHINGTON — If zombies ever encroach upon the fine people at Nationals Park, have no fear; Bryce Harper will take care of it. Last week, Harper was spotted swinging around a barbed-wire baseball bat. It was a replica of “Lucille,” the delicately ...  


Angels catcher Martin Maldonado knows the value of a good presentation

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Feb 24, 2017
The value of major league catchers' ability to frame pitches has become clearer in recent seasons, and one of the stars of that movement was Jonathan Lucroy, the longtime Milwaukee Brewer. By some measurements, Lucroy's ability to favorably present ...  


NASA's New Exoplanets Aren't Where the Aliens Live.

Slate MagazineSlate Magazine - Feb 22, 2017
Technically, yes, it means maybe aliens. But not aliens where you think: As Quartz's Akshat Rathi points out, it's less likely that we find life on these specific planets anytime soon, but that this will help scientists learn how to better search in ...  

Christian Priest

Vikings season finale: What lies ahead?

EW.com (blog)EW.com (blog) - Feb 3, 2017
In b) the sons have not become complex and fascinating. They are still very much secondary characters, with simple portraits. Ecvert's son is quite interesting but changed in an illogical way. --- In c) the new character is a Christian priest who is ...  

Catholic Priest

Catholic priest approached me for Lascanas confession--Trillanes

ABS-CBN NewsABS-CBN News - Feb 21, 2017
MANILA - Senator Antonio Trillanes IV revealed on Tuesday that a Catholic priest approached him to facilitate the presentation of retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas to the public. "There was a priest, a Catholic priest who approached me about this, but you ...  

Catholic Bishop

NY Bishop: Pro-Abortion 'Catholic' Politicians Imperil Their Souls, Create Scandal

CNSNews.comCNSNews.com - Feb 23, 2017
(CNSNews.com) -- In response to three New York politicians participating in a pro-Planned Parenthood rally -- the nation's largest abortion provider -- the Catholic bishop for the Diocese of Albany, N.Y. said it is a "scientific fact" that abortion ...  

Catholic Pope

Scripture reveals Jesus founded Catholic Church
B.C. Catholic Newspaper - Feb 10, 2017

Consider the thousands of doctrinal/denominational divisions we have seen in Protestantism in just 500 years. Additionally, it is simply an unarguable fact of history the original church Jesus founded is the Catholic Church. Every Catholic Pope, bishop ...  

Protestant Pastor

Protestant Pastor to Lead Alpha Program in Florida Catholic Diocese

Church MilitantChurch Militant - Jan 24, 2017
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (ChurchMilitant.com) - A Protestant pastor is reportedly leading the Alpha program in the Catholic diocese of St. Augustine, Florida. Jad Scott Levi, a pastor at a Protestant church start-up named Trinitas in Phoenix, Arizona, is ...  

Jewish Rabbi

Image of Muslim and Jewish children protesting at O'Hare goes viral

WGN-TVWGN-TV - Feb 1, 2017
The photo shows Jewish Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell, from Deerfield, with his 9-year-old son, Adin, on his shoulders because the boy wanted a better view of the crowd. Next to them is Muslim father Fatih Yildirim, from Schaumburg, with his 7-year-old ...  

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