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Professor reflects on years of teaching Buddhism class

Central Michigan LifeCentral Michigan Life - Apr 12, 2017
Buddhism is a religion, but some of my students don't like to think that because they like some things about Buddhism. They have a negative attitude about religion so they resist (the idea that it's a religion) and say Buddhism is really more a way of ...  


Christianity gave rise to modern science

The Irish CatholicThe Irish Catholic - Apr 20, 2017
Stark attributes Christianity's fruitfulness in spinning off progressive practical developments to its commitment to logic and reason as the path to enlightenment, progress and freedom. Jesus left no written strategic plan so Christians, inferring from ...  


Regina woman says her family would consider converting to ...

CBC.caCBC.ca - Apr 23, 2017
Sarah Honeysett said converting to Catholicism may become an option if it means keeping her children in Regina's Ecole St. Angela Merici Elementary.  


Why does global Mormonism look like Utah Mormonism?

Religion News ServiceReligion News Service - Mar 29, 2017
Can Mormonism move beyond its white, middle-class American base to become a truly global religion? Or will it remain an American church with some carefully controlled international outposts? So far, it has tended to embrace the latter. For example, in ...  


Five surprising facts about Protestantism

Christian Science MonitorChristian Science Monitor - Apr 20, 2017
April 20, 2017 —When it comes to longevity, the Catholic church has Protestantism beat by roughly 1,500 years. But Protestants are the clear winner in terms of producing epic drama over the past five centuries. Their story "can be told as one long ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist Group

New York TimesNew York Times - Apr 20, 2017
Jehovahs Witnesses gathered last month in a house in the village of Vorokhobino, north of Moscow, where they meet for services. Credit James Hill for The New York Times. MOSCOW — Russia's Supreme Court on Thursday declared Jehovah's Witnesses, ...  


The Seven Stars of Hinduism: a Review

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Apr 28, 2017
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dileep Thatte at the Tapestory event I attended a few weeks ago. At the end of the event he told me that he had written a book called The Seven Stars of Hinduism and asked if I would like a copy! Of course I said yes ...  


The Muslim Turks who are battling over Islam

WND.comWND.com - Apr 22, 2017
The Underground is a weekly program that explores the intersection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the testimony of the Biblical prophets, and currents events. Viewers with a special interest in issues such as biblical prophecy, Israel, Islam, the ...  


UNESCO head calls Temple Mount 'holiest place in Judaism'

The Times of IsraelThe Times of Israel - Apr 24, 2017
“The Al Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram al-Sharif, the sacred shrine of the Muslims, is also the Har Habayit – or Temple Mount – the holiest place in Judaism, whose Western Wall is revered by millions across the world, a few steps away from the Saint Sepulchre ...  


Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi: Martyrdom keeps Shiism alive

Ahlul Bayt News Agency: Providing Shia News (press release)Ahlul Bayt News Agency: Providing Shia News (press release) - Apr 5, 2017
April 5, 2017 - 1:20 PM News Code : 822007 Source : Hawzahnews Link: (AhlulBayt News Agency) - "Despite the enemies' conspiracies and vicious plots, the number of Ahlul Bayt's (as) followers is increasing every day. " said Grand Ayatollah Bashir ...  


For Sikhism facts, students in Montgomery become the teachers

Washington PostWashington Post - Apr 25, 2017
The students have been teaching a sort of Sikhism 101 to their teachers at after-school events at their gurdwara — a Sikh house of worship — in North Potomac for four years. Last year, according to organizer Harminder Kaur, they won approval from the ...  


Role of Sufism & Taoism in Pak-China ties
Pakistan Observer - Apr 25, 2017

It is interesting to analyze that how many similarities are found between Sufism in Pakistan and Taoism in China. Father of Taoism, Lao Zhou, promoted passive behavior and harmony within one's own self and nature. Taoism is acceptance of life ...  


Taking Confucius out of Taiwan is a fool's game: The China Post

The Straits TimesThe Straits Times - Mar 22, 2017
Mao's groupies ransacked Confucian temples, but Confucianism wasn't rooted out, just as the May Fourth students miserably failed to dethrone the Great Sage of China. In Taiwan, President Chen Shui-bian kicked off a de-Confucianisation movement, while ...  


'Small Talk': A Taiwanese director's tale of homosexuality, poverty and Taoism

Hong Kong Free PressHong Kong Free Press - Mar 30, 2017
Filmmaker Huang Hui-chen felt bound by labels while growing up in Taiwan – impoverished, a school dropout and daughter of a lesbian Taoist priestess who she yearned to understand. Her award-winning directorial debut “Small Talk” is the culmination of ...  


Mahavir Jayanti 2017: History & Significance of the Jain Festival, Teachings & Stories of Mahavir Swami

India.comIndia.com - Apr 8, 2017
The birth of Mahavir Swami, the last saviour and spiritual teacher of the righteous path in Jainism is commemorated with great enthusiasm and zeal by the people. Mahavir Jayanti 2017 Wishes: Best Quotes, SMS, WhatsApp GIF image Messages, Facebook ...  


The obscure religion that shaped the West

BBC NewsBBC News - Apr 7, 2017
Even the idea of Satan is a fundamentally Zoroastrian one; in fact, the entire faith of Zoroastrianism is predicated on the struggle between God and the forces of goodness and light (represented by the Holy Spirit, Spenta Manyu) and Ahriman, who ...  

Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism is Hella White

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Apr 1, 2017
So much on my heart today. I have not been a Unitarian Universalist for long, though I have been aware of it and even influenced by it since my early teens when I was in the midst of a very evangelical fundamentalist upbringing. I have a long and ...  


Rastafari used HIM's visit for protest, celebration

Jamaica GleanerJamaica Gleaner - Apr 25, 2017
Ras IvI who, along with Sister Mitzie, is researching Haile Selassie's visit to Jamaica, presented a picture of a Rastafari community that was prepared for the April 21-23, 1966, visit but not for the purpose that the State had in mind. Speaking at the ...  


Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews March 2017

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Mar 29, 2017
Her most celebrated work, The Catalpa Bow: A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan, often crops up on essential reading lists for English-speaking students of Shinto. It's neither the easiest, nor the cheapest book on Shinto to obtain, but prompted ...  


Man 'sentenced to death for atheism' in Saudi Arabia

The IndependentThe Independent - Apr 26, 2017
A man in Saudi Arabia has reportedly been sentenced to death on charges of apostasy after losing two appeals. Several local media reports identified the man as Ahmad Al Shamri, in his 20s, from the town of Hafar al-Batin, who first came to the ...  


Waccamaw Library Explores Buddhism and Paganism
South Strand news - Apr 20, 2017

On Tuesday, May 16, at 10 a.m., Holli Emore will present “A World of Beauty: Pagan Path for the Modern Culture.” Emore, the executive director of Cherry Hill Seminary, will delve into the diversity of modern and historic Paganism, exploring some of the ...  

New Age

Father Tad Pacholczyk The ethics of new age medicine

The TidingsThe Tidings - Apr 17, 2017
Patients who face serious illnesses are sometimes attracted to alternative medicines, also referred to as “holistic” or “new-age” medicines. These can include treatments like homeopathy, hypnosis, “energy therapies” like Reiki, acupuncture, and herbal ...  


Why Most Executives Miss the Point of Meditation
Fortune - Apr 28, 2017

I've spent the past 15 years instilling a meditation and yoga practice, and it's played a major role in helping me stay grounded as my company continues to grow. Every morning, I go to my rooftop or garden to meditate for about 25 minutes. I don't use ...  


Astrology for Feminists: Week of April 24-30

Wear Your VoiceWear Your Voice - Apr 24, 2017
The new Moon in Taurus on Wednesday will shake up everyone's astrology forecast for the week. Find out what's in store for you!  


Jerry West on Russell Westbrook: 'We're looking at a reincarnation ...

CBSSports.comCBSSports.com - Apr 22, 2017
We won't know if OKC's own Russell Westbrook will be crowned as the NBA's MVP until it's announced on June 26. But after the way he's played this season, ...  


Here are 3 of the strangest projects DARPA has worked on since its creation

Business InsiderBusiness Insider - Apr 13, 2017
DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is tasked with exploring some far out science and technology projects to benefit the United States. Since its inception in 1958, it's been credited with a number of inventions you probably use ...  


Kerns: Underwood memorial service provides even more colorful stories to share

LubbockOnline.comLubbockOnline.com - Apr 2, 2017
“She also saw in her mother the spiritual journey,” said Price, “that went from Christian Science to Episcopalianism to Rosicrucianism to Buddhism.” Price noted that Underwood long ago abandoned any form of Christianity that majored in being judgmental ...  


Hardback of GW Mullins' 'Medicine Man
Broadway World - Mar 30, 2017

"Medicine Man" takes a look into the history the Native American Indians and explores the use of natural remedies such as plants and herbs. The legend of the Native American Medicine Man goes back for thousands of years. Healing practices varied from ...  


FRC's Lt. Col. Maginnis: There's 'a Lot of Witchcraft' in Washington, DC
CNSNews.com (blog) - Apr 24, 2017

Long-time national security expert Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Maginnis (ret.), a senior fellow with the Family Research Council (FRC), said there is "a lot of witchcraft" and "hedonism" in Washington, D.C., and added that when he thinks of Sodom and ...  


Wicca thrives in Orange County

Coast ReportCoast Report - Apr 5, 2017
Called The Dragon and the Rose, the store is filled with colorful crystals, books, oils, incense and alter supplies for those who practice the new age religion of Wicca that began in 1959. In addition to items, the shop offers drum circles, workshops ...  

Hatha Yoga

This crazy yoga technique will supercharge your digestion—and your handstands

Well+GoodWell+Good - Apr 17, 2017
Want to learn a yoga move that'll make your Instagram followers stop short while scrolling? You could try nauli, an ancient cleansing practice for the digestive system that's stomach-churning in every sense of the word. If you haven't heard of it, you ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga beginners course in English in Reykjavik

Iceland MonitorIceland Monitor - Apr 19, 2017
Have you always wanted to learn the basic foundations of Ashtanga Yoga? Now Yoga Shala in Reykjavik offer a foundation course taught in English. Yoga Shala is one of Reykjavik's longest established yoga centres, and were formerly located at Engjateigur.  

Bhagavad Gita

Hindus to seek Bhagavad-Gita monuments if Oklahoma House Bill ...

Norman TranscriptNorman Transcript - Apr 6, 2017
Hindus would seek erecting monuments with verses from ancient Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad-Gita ((Song of the Lord) in public buildings and on public grounds ...  

Reiki Healing

In Highland, Reiki for children focuses on compassion, natural healing

nwitimes.comnwitimes.com - Apr 17, 2017
At Heart in Hand in Highland (clockwise from top), Pam Kozi teaches Reiki healing to Sutton Willhoit, Madden Willhoit, Mallory Tinich and Hunter Tinich. Reiki for children focuses on compassion and natural healing. Buy Now. Tony V. Martin, The Times.  

Falun Gong

18th Anniversary of Falun Gong's Historic Appeal in Beijing Commemorated in Ottawa

The Epoch TimesThe Epoch Times - Apr 27, 2017
Hongyan Lu speaks at a rally in front of the Chinese embassy on April 25, 2017, to mark the 18th anniversary of Falun Gong practitioners' large-scale appeal for freedom of belief in China on April 25, 1999, and to call for an end to the persecution of ...  


St. Paul man charged with starting blaze at Church of Scientology

TwinCities.com-Pioneer PressTwinCities.com-Pioneer Press - Apr 24, 2017
A member of the Church of Scientology in St. Paul has been charged with first-degree arson for setting fire to the church's downtown building on April 18.  

Tarot Cards

Would you use TAROT CARDS to make all of your decisions? FEMAIL writer relies on Gwyneth Paltrow's guide to ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 18, 2017
In a recent post featured on her lifestyle website, Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow enlisted intuitive and shamanic healer Colleen McCann to demonstrate how readers can use tarot cards to guide their daily decisions. Although the advice may seem kooky to some, ...  

Hare Krishna

Growing Hare Krishna congregation to open $3.6 million temple in ...

Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun - Apr 28, 2017
An estimated 2000 people from around the world will be on hand this weekend as New Kulina Bram Dam, also known as ISKCON of Baltimore, spends three ...  


What They Still Don't Understand About Ambedkar And Hinduism

SwarajyaSwarajya - Apr 20, 2017
The website quotes from the Annihilation of Caste and claims that the actual quote of Dr B R Ambedkar implies that "Ambedkar was only 'told' by others that his desired new doctrine could be based in the Upanishads, and his scepticism towards that claim ...  


All you need to know about satanism, ouija board and astral projection

onmanoramaonmanorama - Apr 15, 2017
There are many other forms of Satanism that have not quite achieved the same fame as the Church of Satan. Another prominent Satanist movement is the Temple of Set, founded by LaVey's former right-hand man Michael Aquino after parting ways with the ...  

Handwriting Analysis

Best Booth Draw, Ever Introduces Trade Show Marketing Handwriting Analysis App

Exhibitor OnlineExhibitor Online - Apr 20, 2017
Best Booth Draw, Ever in collaboration with Apple Pencil introduces an easy and effective digital way for trade show and conference booth staff to offer visitors a remarkably accurate and insightful personality report. To get the report, a visitor must ...  


Searsport sea captain's ornate home for sale, ghosts included

WGMEWGME - Apr 20, 2017
In the family's first summer opening the inn, one guest from England told them that he liked to stay at the Homeport because of the ghosts. “He said the spirits were there,” McLellan recalled. “I'm pretty much immune, but even I have a couple of stories.”.  


A Literature of Angels and Demons

The American ConservativeThe American Conservative - Apr 28, 2017
Take, for example, Greene's masterpiece, The Power and the Glory. The unnamed priest had a life riddled with vice, specifically drink and cowardice, for which an angel struggled, and won. Or was he a fundamentally good man who struggled with demons?  


Exclusive First Look: There's No Such Things as Vampires

Dread CentralDread Central - Apr 26, 2017
The motion picture There's No Such Thing as Vampires has wrapped principal photography. The film's director, Logan Thomas, has assembled a cast of veterans such as Meg Foster, Raphael Sbarge, Maria Olsen, and Judy Tenuda with new talents Emma ...  


Jerry Lee Lewis and The Zombies give fans a real-life musical history lesson

The Desert SunThe Desert Sun - Apr 29, 2017
Jerry Lee Lewis made his first studio recording in 1956 as a 21-year-old in Memphis. That was 61 years ago. The English rock band The Zombies formed at a prep school in Hertfordshire, England in 1962. That was 55 years ago. Remarkably, after a ...  


Series Preview: Athletics @ Angels (Rematch)

Halo's HeavenHalo's Heaven - Apr 25, 2017
Oh how times have changed since the Angels first split the 4 games series opener with the A's to start the season. The A's are coming off a rest day as well as winning 5 of their last 6 games. The Angels have only one 3 of their last 13 games (2 of ...  


Ancient 'spacefaring aliens' may have lived in our solar system ...

The SunThe Sun - Apr 25, 2017
Academic says advanced extraterrestrials could have thrived on Earth, Mars and even Venus - before disappearing without a trace.  

Christian Priest

Christians Around the World Mark Easter Holiday

NBCNews.comNBCNews.com - Apr 17, 2017
Iraqi Syriac Christian priest Charbel Aesso gives the Eucharist during an Easter service at Saint John's Church (Mar Yohanna) in Qaraqosh, Iraq on April 16. Carl Court / Getty Images. 9. Chinese Catholic Bishop Zhang Hong, left, pours holy water on the ...  

Catholic Priest

As a Catholic priest, I am against an executive order on religious liberty

Religion News ServiceReligion News Service - Apr 26, 2017
As a Catholic priest and scholar, I know that religious liberty is a bedrock principle of democracy. I also believe that honoring the intrinsic human dignity of gay, lesbian and transgender people is a requirement of religious faith. These values ...  

Catholic Bishop

Indian Catholic bishop, others acquitted in anti- conversion case ‎
Vatican Radio - Apr 21, 2017

The High Court of central India's Madhya Pradesh state has given clean chit to a Catholic bishop and five others in a nine-year-old religious conversion case. There is “no sufficient evidence to frame the charges against the petitioners,” says the ...  

Catholic Pope

Talk of Catholic Church Schism as Conservatives Oppose Pope

NewsmaxNewsmax - Apr 18, 2017
It is a Catholic's duty to protest this un-Catholic Pope in any way possible especially in prayer to God for his conversion. The Church is not a nervous newbie but a veteran at having bad leaders and persevering through with the torch of Jesus' Truth ...  

Protestant Pastor

Protestant Pastor Held For Crossing China-Myanmar Border Closed in Conflict
Radio Free Asia - Apr 4, 2017

Pastor Cao Sanqiang (C) with his mother (R) and an unidentified acquaintance in an undated photo. Photo courtesy of an RFA listener. Authorities in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan on Tuesday criminally detained a pastor from an unofficial ...  

Jewish Rabbi

Ukip candidate is a bible-burning Orthodox Jewish rabbi | Daily Mail ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Apr 16, 2017
Shneur Odze, who is standing against former Health Secretary Andy Burnham, reacted with fury when he found a tract in his synagogue which purported to be a ...  

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