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Brand to Know: A Designer Quietly Inspired by Buddhism

New York TimesNew York Times - Aug 29, 2016
In a crowded corner of London's Dover Street Market, the Chinese designer Renli Su is standing in front of her eponymous collection: one rail carrying embroidered dresses, jackets and skirts in a creamy, warm beige. “I heard they sell very quick this ...  


Pauline Hanson should be worried about Christianity's decline not Islam's growth
The Sydney Morning Herald - Aug 21, 2016

According to last year's Future of World Religions report by the Pew Research Centre, they will be on the way to a majority. About two-thirds of Australians identify with Christianity, with those without religion accounting for a quarter, meaning most ...  


Enough 'comfort Catholicism.' The Church must prepare for persecution.

LifesiteLifesite - Aug 23, 2016
The Church of the 1970s-1990s was surely well described as the era of “beige Catholicism” (a term coined by Bishop Robert Barron, and not by way of flattery either). Those of us who lived through that era, especially in the 1970s, remember it as a time ...  


Early anti-Mormonism holds lessons for defending religious freedom, new LDS spokesman says

Deseret NewsDeseret News - Aug 20, 2016
Richard Turley talks with attendees prior to speaking at BYU Educational Week in Provo on Friday, Aug. 19, 2016. Jeffrey D. Allred,. Summary. Richard Turley, the assistant LDS Church historian and recorder who takes over as the chief spokesman for the ...  


Haiti Celebrates 200th Anniversary of Protestantism
Haiti Sentinel - Aug 20, 2016

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Ouest, HT (sentinel.ht) – On Thursday, several thousand people came together to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Protestantism in Haiti. Welcomed into Haiti in 1816 by former President Alexandre Pétion, President Jocelerme Privert ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses' (Watchtower) New Child Abuse Letter ...

The News HubThe News Hub - Aug 3, 2016
Share your work to get into the top 10%. Here's our marketing guide to help you. Jarred Booth. United States. Follow. Location: San Diego, California Contact: ...  


BOOM | Calling Hinduism A Way Of Life Is Meaningless: Sanjeev ...

Boom LiveBoom Live - Aug 22, 2016
Sanjeev Sanyal - an economist and author of Land of Seven Rivers is in conversation with Hindol Sengupta on what it is to be a Hindu in the 21st century.  


UKIP Could Be About To Talk More About Islam

NewsweekNewsweek - Aug 24, 2016
It's time, says UKIP leadership contender Lisa Duffy, for Britain to start talking more openly about Islam's place in society. “I think it would be wrong of any political ...  


How Judaism Still Brings My Father Closer to Me

ForwardForward - Aug 21, 2016
Shortly after my mother left him, my father started going to synagogue regularly for the first time in his life. He would bring 7-year-old me with him on Friday nights as the official start to our weekends together, usually followed by banana splits at ...  


Enforcement must be enhanced to curb spread of Shi'ism, says ...
Malay Mail Online - Aug 21, 2016

IPOH, Aug 21 — Enforcement measures to curb the spread of Shi'ism in the country needs to be updated and strengthened, said Deputy Minister in the Prime ...  


Portrait Series Shows the Many Faces of Sikhism in America

TakePartTakePart - Aug 22, 2016
Both male and female adherents of Sikhism often refrain from cutting their hair and wear turbans to demonstrate devotion to their faith. "The consequences of 9/11 were disastrous," Amit and Naroop wrote. "One subject we photographed for the exhibition ...  



Chinese Resurgence in Confucianism Helps Inmates Transition from Prison to Society

City TelegraphCity Telegraph - Jul 23, 2016
Other important ideas promoted by Confucianism include having positive relationships between family members, friends and the community. Confucianism is a remarkably optimistic philosophy which believes that people are inherently good. In recent years ...  


Reconstructing Taoism's Transformation in China

New York TimesNew York Times - Aug 8, 2016
In an interview, Professor Kleeman discussed how Taoism provided an alternative political model to the Confucian-based imperial order, how Taoist texts can help deepen our understanding of early Chinese history and why today's Communist government ...  


Law of Karma: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

http://www.newsgram.com/http://www.newsgram.com/ - Aug 3, 2016
Karma in Jainism is a physical matter present throughout the universe. The soul, called the jiva, carries these karma particles from one life to the next which adhere to it. Jains seek liberation by freeing themselves from the rebirth cycle by ridding ...  


Essence of Zoroastrianism, the religion of Parsis

MerinewsMerinews - Aug 17, 2016
Religion is considered to be the belief system with a notion of some superpower that controls the universe or is its originator, often called God or Super Consciousness and faith in some proclaimed tenets as a way of living and rituals or ceremonies ...  

Unitarian Universalism

New minister at UU Fellowship in Kingwood Township

NJ.comNJ.com - Aug 23, 2016
Unitarian Universalism is guided by seven principles: the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice, equity and compassion in human relations; acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in congregations; free and ...  



Japanese 'return doll souls to heaven' in Shinto shrine ceremony

ABC OnlineABC Online - Aug 6, 2016
The old lady has packed it with care, even though it is making its final journey. Etsuko Takahashi has short grey hair and a slight stoop — the weight of the world has been on her shoulders for many years. She lost her son last year after a long and ...  


Oregon Local News
Portland Tribune - Aug 23, 2016

School Notes: local exchange students seek homes; Atheism app; PCC instructor complains of racial bias, Local News, Portland local News, Breaking News ...  


Agnostic Jewish Paganism—and Other New Religions
Patheos (blog) - Aug 22, 2016

Paganism is practical, and is also focused on what you do, not what you believe. Witches and Pagans obviously believe all kinds of things, and are generally skeptical about many things, but there is no one belief or doctrine one must subscribe to in ...  

New Age

The new age bridal guide

Deccan ChronicleDeccan Chronicle - Aug 27, 2016
Here are our top five wedding hacks that one can follow this wedding season.  


New study assesses biological impact of meditation and vacation
News-Medical.net - Aug 30, 2016

Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the University of California, San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School used a rigorous study ...  


Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology | VICE | United States

VICEVICE - Aug 25, 2016
In this episode of 'The Chosen Ones,' host Gavin Haynes dives into the world of horoscope-obsessed astrologists to discover his destiny as a Scorpio.  


Meet The Fourth-Grader Recognized As A Reincarnation Of A Buddhist Lama

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Aug 17, 2016
Jalue Dorje is a 9-year-old from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His life is filled with the typical past times of a soon-to-be fourth-grader: collecting Pokemon cards, playing soccer, watching shows on his laptop. But Dorje also has ...  


Decoding Parapsychology: Siddhis Or Simple Tricks?

SwarajyaSwarajya - Jul 25, 2016
Today, in the annals of parapsychology, Uri Geller is at best a “to-be-forgotten” phenomenon that happened to the field. James Randi was able to perceive trickery whereas professional scientists, who observed Uri Geller, simply saw what they wanted to ...  


Notes on the Death of Culture

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Aug 12, 2016
... yoga—to the Evangelical churches that now proliferate and divide and subdivide in poor neighbourhoods, and picturesque offshoots such as the Fourth Way, Rosicrucianism, the Unification Church—the Moonies—Scientology, so popular in Hollywood, and ...  


Huichol exhibit offers insight into shamanism

Vida en el ValleVida en el Valle - Jul 26, 2016
Huichol exhibit offers insight into shamanism. Mexican Consulate of Sacramento opens latest exhibit on the Huichol people. The Huichol natives were never conquered by the Spanish conquistadors and their culture bears no influence of Catholicism.  


What Loyiso Gola had to say about Limpopo and witchcraft

CitizenCitizen - Aug 21, 2016
Loyiso Gola ended up on the wrong side of “Black Twitter” on Sunday afternoon after tweeps read what he had to say about Limpopo and witchcraft. Taking to Twitter just before 3am, Gola tweeted about how well Caster Semenya represented South Africa, ...  


Wicca, the Tree of Life and the Goddess

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Aug 13, 2016
The Divine Feminine occupies a central role in a number of esoteric traditions – and whilst the presence of Goddess is obviously visible in traditions such as Wicca, it is often less obvious to outsiders that the Divine Feminine also has a pivotal role ...  

Hatha Yoga

YARAT invites everyone to join Hatha yoga classes by Ira Berezina

Trend News AgencyTrend News Agency - Aug 6, 2016
YARAT Contemporary Art Space invites you to join in the lessons of Hatha yoga under the guidance of a professional instructor Ira Berezina. The main purpose of Hatha yoga – creating balance between OPPOSITELY DIRECTED processes of our conscious ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

Religious discourse: Ashtanga yoga
The Hindu - Aug 1, 2016

In His Kapila avatara, Lord Narayana explains the concepts of Prakriti, Purusha and Iswara, said P.T. Seshadri in a discourse. Purusha is the jiva. Purusha is ...  

Bhagavad Gita

Review: Amazing Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita

Times of IndiaTimes of India - Aug 24, 2016
Amazing Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita is short, crisp and to the point. It skips irrelevant revelations and non-practical preaching. Instead, it has realistic and clear answers supported by examples and facts making it easier to understand for the readers.  

Reiki Healing

Working toward relaxation: After years of renovation, Fusions Spa relocates to downtown Sylva
Smoky Mountain News - Aug 17, 2016

Salt treatments to treat respiratory problems, beer baths, mineral and detox baths, raindrop oil treatment, reiki healing and foot soaks are all on the way. Sowers plans to offer yoga down the road, and memberships are already available for a fitness ...  

Falun Gong

Falun Gong seeks local support | Orillia Packet and Times

Orillia Packet & TimesOrillia Packet & Times - Aug 23, 2016
PATRICK BALES/THE PACKET & TIMES A protest was held Tuesday, Aug. 23, outside of the Orillia City Centre, calling for the end of forced organ harvesting in ...  


Nicole Kidman & Isabella Cruise Reunite: Is… Nicole Kidman & Isabella Cruise Reunite: Is Her Daughter Leaving ...

Hollywood LifeHollywood Life - Aug 22, 2016
Oh man! Nicole Kidman hasn't seen her adopted daughter Isabella in ages, especially since the actress left Scientology after divorcing Tom Cruise. But now that the pair have reportedly had an emotional reunion, HollywoodLife.com spoke to an expert as ...  

Tarot Cards

Boardwalk psychic uses tarot cards for a happy medium

Press of Atlantic CityPress of Atlantic City - Jul 27, 2016
I taught myself to read tarot cards, and as soon as I read for others I realized I could be really helpful. I'm trying to show the person I'm reading for the story about them that's shown up in the cards. There are so many meanings for each card and ...  

Hare Krishna

Talking 'Bout My Generation
Tablet Magazine - Aug 18, 2016

Our Gentile of the Week* is Gaura Vani, who was born in Los Angeles to parents living as monks in a Hare Krishna temple (*his parents were Jewish before becoming Hare Krishna in the '60s). When he was 6 years old, he began studying at a traditional ...  


'Om shanti shanti shanti': Rahul Gandhi tweets a prayer for Narendra Modi

The Indian ExpressThe Indian Express - Aug 20, 2016
He wrote, “Modiji a prayer for you: “Asatoma Sadgamaya Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya Mrityorma Amritam gamaya Om shanti shanti shanti”. The Sanskrit prayer, taken from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads, asks for deliverance from ignorance and darkness.  


Don't exaggerate threat from Satanism, but don't dismiss it either

Crux: Covering all things CatholicCrux: Covering all things Catholic - Aug 19, 2016
The atheists don't believe in a real, personal devil and use the Satanism platform to promote atheism and protest what they perceive as violations of the doctrine of separation of church and state. Theist Satanists, on the other hand, do believe in ...  

Handwriting Analysis

Helping others using unusual tool: handwriting analysis

Jewish PostJewish Post - Jul 7, 2016
After discovering the power of graphology, also known as handwriting analysis, Belzer was empowered to study to become a graphologist as a way of helping others. “I love meeting new people and introducing them to what their handwriting reveals. It's a ...  


These Waters Carry the Ghosts of Ancient Empires

Out of Eden WalkOut of Eden Walk - Aug 30, 2016
These Waters Carry the Ghosts of Ancient Empires. Following the banks of the fabled Amu Darya, antique highway of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. by Paul Salopek. Badai-Tugai Nature Reserve, Uzbekistan, 41°58'38" N, 60°24'11" E. Paul Salopek ...  


Rio Olympics 2016: 'Brazil's footballers exorcise demons to lift nation'

BBC NewsBBC News - Aug 21, 2016
So when Neymar walked towards the penalty spot, kept his cool under remarkable pressure and scored to Timo Horn's left, the outpouring of emotion was as deafening as it was heartfelt, as the demons from two years ago were banished. And there are those ...  


Syfy's 'Van Helsing' Shows Us All New Vampires In Action | Inverse

InverseInverse - Aug 23, 2016
The upcoming Syfy series just dropped a ton of new vampiric details.  


Call of Duty: Zombies Comic Run Promises Easter Eggs, Deeper Look Into Zombies Universe

Dread CentralDread Central - Aug 23, 2016
Since its introduction in Call of Duty: World at War, the bonus “Zombies” mode has become an integral part of the package. Starting as an easter egg arcade mode, it's evolved, expanded, and become an experience in itself that justifies the entire ...  


Angels to hire Matt Swanson from Cardinals to be new amateur scouting director

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Aug 24, 2016
The Angels will hire St. Louis Cardinals scouting cross-checker Matt Swanson as their new amateur scouting director, according to a source who requested anonymity because the move has not been made official. In Swanson, Angels General Manager Billy ...  


Review: 'Aliens with Extraordinary Skills' at the 4615 Theatre Company
DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog) - Aug 21, 2016

With its touching story, enthusiastic ensemble, and devout theatrical earnestness, these Aliens and their Extraordinary Skills will warm your heart on this otherwise dreary (and cold) Washington August eve. And, of course, I'm speaking metaphorically ...  

Christian Priest

Suspected Maoists kill Christian priest

Times of IndiaTimes of India - Jul 31, 2016
A Christian priest was thrashed and later killed by suspected Maoists near Chhattisgarh-AP interstate border in tribal Bastar region.The incident took place at ...  

Catholic Priest

SNAP Ordered to Pay Legal Fees for Catholic Priest in Sexual Abuse Case

CBS LocalCBS Local - Aug 24, 2016
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is ordered to help pay the legal fees of a Catholic priest who accuses SNAP of conspiring to ruin his reputation. SNAP refused to turn over some documents in the civil suit ...  

Catholic Bishop

Utah's former Catholic bishop takes aim at death penalty -- again ...

Salt Lake Tribune (blog)Salt Lake Tribune (blog) - Aug 24, 2016
In an effort led by former Utah Bishop John C. Wester, Catholic clergy in New Mexico sent out a stern letter this week, unanimously opposing the governor's push ...  

Catholic Pope

Inside Spains Right-Wing Rebel Catholic Cult

Daily BeastDaily Beast - Aug 14, 2016
... and nothing more, had Nieves not spent years digging into certain scandals surrounding the Palmarian Catholic Church, and were Gregorio not Gregorio XVIII, said by the several thousand followers of the schismatic sect to be the one true Catholic pope.  

Protestant Pastor

China Jails Protestant Pastor Couple For 12, 14 Years
Radio Free Asia - Feb 25, 2016

Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang on Thursday handed down jail terms of 14 and 12 years to husband-and-wife Protestant pastors following a crackdown on churches in a region known as "China's Jerusalem." Protestant pastors and ...  

Jewish Rabbi

Rabbi Moshe Freedman, 57, Longtime Emissary in Argentina

Chabad.orgChabad.org - Jul 28, 2016
Rabbi Moshe Freedman, longtime Chabad emissary to Bahia Blanca, Argentina, passed away on July 28. He was 57 years old. He was born in Jerusalem to Rabbi Akiva Yosef and Chana Feiga Freedman, scions of venerable Chabad families in the holy city.  

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