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The 'King' of Shambhala Buddhism Is Undone by Abuse Report ...

New York TimesNew York Times - Jul 12, 2018
The leader of one of the biggest Buddhist organizations in the West steps aside after allegations of sexual abuse, leaving followers reeling.  


Christianity gets positive response among young

Church TimesChurch Times - Jul 19, 2018
YOUNG adults are more likely to report a positive experience of Christians and Christianity than their elders, a new survey suggests. Half (51 per cent) of 18- to 24-year-olds, in a poll by ComRes, agreed that “Overall I have had a positive experience ...  


Soon-to-be-ordained female Bishop wants to make Catholicism more inclusive

Toronto StarToronto Star - Jul 19, 2018
CALGARY—For too long the Catholic Church — always administered and managed by men — has defined women and their roles in the religion, while excluding them from the priesthood, says Jane Kryzanowski. It's something she first noticed as a young girl ...  


Commentary: Mormons or Trumpites? We can't be both.

Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake Tribune - Jul 7, 2018
Pastor Robert Jeffress — who once referred to Mormonism as a cult — is the leader of one of America's largest protestant congregations, a contributing commentator on Fox News, and a staunch supporter of Trump. When called upon to offer the ...  


Protestantism Founder Martin Luther's Anti-Semitic Letter On Auction

World Religion NewsWorld Religion News - Jul 13, 2018
Boston's RR Auction is selling a letter written by Martin Luther, the 16th-century German theologian. The letter's content criticizes Jews and labels them as devil incarnates. Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation in 1517 with his Ninety ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Must Now Ask Your Permission Before Taking ...

NewsweekNewsweek - Jul 10, 2018
Jehovah's Witnesses must obtain consent before recording personal details during their signature doorstep visits, according to a new ruling by the European ...  


Why I Am a Hindu — fundamentalism and the reshaping of Hinduism

Financial TimesFinancial Times - Jun 19, 2018
“I am a Hindu, and I am a nationalist, but I am not a Hindu nationalist,” Tharoor writes. He draws on the works of Hindu sages to bolster his argument that a Hinduism tolerant of other faiths is not only his personal preference but also the way the ...  


A giant of Vatican diplomacyJean-Louis Tauran opposed the Gulf war and mended fences with Islam

The EconomistThe Economist - Jul 9, 2018
THE months leading up to the Anglo-American assault on Saddam Hussein in 2003 produced some tense moments in diplomacy of the religious, as well as the secular, sort. To the dismay of American conservatives, especially Catholic ones, the ailing Pope ...  


Intermarriage & Judaism: What to Consider Before Leaving the Fold
Aish - Jul 15, 2018

Intermarriage & Judaism: What to Consider Before Leaving the Fold. Jul 14, 2018 by Ollie Anisfeld and J-TV. AddThis Sharing. 00. SHARES. Share to Facebook Share to Email Share to More. Answers appealing to guilt aren't effective. One needs to know why ...  


Malaysia and Iran: Overexaggerating the “Differences” — Imad Alatas

Malay MailMalay Mail - Jul 14, 2018
Because Shiism is seen as deviating from Islamic principles, the government is worried that Sunni Muslims will be confused and hence descend into disunity. This sounds more like an infantilizing of Malaysians who need to be protected from a harmless ...  


Congress leaders dissuaded Ambedkar from embracing Sikhism

Sikh Siyasat NewsSikh Siyasat News - Jul 10, 2018
Chandigarh: Refuting oft-repeated fallacy that held Akalis responsible for dissuading Dr B R Ambedkar from embracing Sikhism, Sikh thinkers and academicians said it was Mahatma Gandhi and other Hindu leaders who had conspired and pressurized Baba ...  


Egypt's millennials turn to Sufism

Al-MonitorAl-Monitor - Jul 11, 2018
During his upbringing in a Sufi family in the 1990s in Cairo, Muhammad Sami never heard the word “Sufism” at home. At some level, he recognized that his peers were not all raised to pray at Al-Hussein Mosque on Fridays or to read Al-Busiri's poem Al ...  


Philosophy session fosters friendship

ecnsecns - Jul 10, 2018
It also focuses on Confucianism and the concept of seeking harmony in diversity, an idea put forward by Confucius more than 2,000 years ago that can help to solve problems facing the world today, Wu said. Different countries and civilizations are like ...  


Inspired by ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, Ottawa's Wayne Ng pens first novel

Ottawa CitizenOttawa Citizen - Jul 6, 2018
Lao Tzu's the Way/Taoism tells us that our thirst for sanity and simplicity is a quest that transcends culture and time. I believe if he were here today and started to write Tao de Ching all over again, the message wouldn't be much different. He might ...  


Historic celebration marks 25th anniversary of Jain Temple in Chicago

The Indian PanoramaThe Indian Panorama - Jul 14, 2018
The parade ended with a ceremonial flower shower from a helicopter. JSMC also created history by inaugurating the first memorial (Jeevant Smarak) of Gurudev Chitrabhanuji who is credited to have strengthened Jainism and united Jains in the US in the ...  


New SOAS institute named after Shapoorji Pallonji

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Jul 5, 2018
The co-chair of the new institute, Sarah Stewart, who also holds the Shapoorji Pallonji Lectureship in Zoroastrianism, said: “I hope that many of you – colleagues at SOAS and members of the Zoroastrian community – will help us to shape the future of ...  

Unitarian Universalism

Distinguished Service Award recipient Danielle Di Bona is 'Unitarian Universalism's chaplain'

uuworld.orguuworld.org - Jun 22, 2018
Danielle Assunta Di Bona received the UUA's 2018 award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism, the Association's highest honor, for her more than thirty years of service to the faith. Presenting the award Friday morning at the ...  


Grange says reparations, Rastafari Trust Fund still on Govt's agenda

Jamaica ObserverJamaica Observer - Jul 6, 2018
“Since the prime minister's apology on behalf of the Government of Jamaica in 2017, we have built a positive working relationship with the Rastafari community. We are committed to national support for the 21 elders so far identified by the Office of ...  


Pagan & Shinto News: Princess Ayako To Marry At Meiji Shrine In October

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Jul 8, 2018
Top stories in Paganism and Shinto for July 1st – 8th: Princess Ayako of Takamado to marry at Meiji Shrine in October; First Asatru temple to Thor and Odin in Iceland will be complete this year; Boy finds '1,000 year old message' rune message on ...  


Declining Christianity: The Exodus of the Young and the Rise of Atheism

BeliefnetBeliefnet - Jul 18, 2018
Most Americans are at least peripherally aware that atheism is on the rise. Given how the comment sections on faith-based blogs, websites, articles and videos always have at least one atheistic zealot declaring that religion is a fairy tale and ...  


Myth vs. Parable: A Religious Awakening of Paganism?

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Jun 25, 2018
If Brooks is right in seeing a religious awakening with all of this mythological hero-worshipping and mythological values, it will be a revival of pre-Christian paganism, complete with a divinized state, the exaltation of war, leaders with god-like ...  

New Age

The New Age: full of empty promises
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Jul 13, 2018

Unfortunately, they have both fallen prey to the New Age. No New Age hocus pocus is too bizarre or far-fetched for them to believe. One consults with pet psychics. (The psychic claims her Chihuahua wanted to have her nails painted red and to have a ...  


The Thai Soccer Team Used Meditation to Help Them Survive

TeenVogue.comTeenVogue.com - Jul 12, 2018
According to CNBC, Chanthawong, 25, is a former novice Buddhist monk and taught the boys meditation to help keep them calm during the rescue. According to the New York Times the oxygen levels in the cave dipped below 15% during the rescue. Levels ...  


Bite Beauty's Leo Astrology Lipstick Is The Shining Star Of The Zodiac Collection

BustleBustle - Jul 18, 2018
If you've been waiting for the perfect time to buy one of Bite Beauty's Astrology Lipsticks, this is it. The stars have aligned and created the most shimmery shades possible. Bite Beauty's Leo Lipstick is gold and glittery, which makes it perfect for ...  


Robert Specland To Pen 'Reincarnation Type' For Bad Robot & Bristol Automotive

DeadlineDeadline - Jul 13, 2018
EXCLUSIVE: Robert Specland, the Black List scribe who has just come aboard to pen the UFC origin film Gracie, has been hired to write Reincarnation Type, a thriller in the works from Bad Robot and Bristol Automotive. The logline is under wraps, but the ...  


Book Shows Comprehensive Theory on Parapsychology

Broadway WorldBroadway World - Jul 10, 2018
Author Philip Hodgetts reveals to readers "The Theory of Material Mind" (published by Xlibris UK on January 2017). The book is an analysis of the physical and metaphysical mechanism involved in paranormal phenomena. It includes a logical and undeniable ...  



Brooklyn RailBrooklyn Rail - Sep 7, 2017
Rosicrucianism owes much to the German Protestant Michael Maier (1568–1622), a German physician and counsellor to Rudolf II of the House of Hapsburg, and the Hermetic allegory, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (1616). The Rosicrucian ...  


Shamanism returns to Mongolian grasslands, in pictures

Telegraph.co.ukTelegraph.co.uk - Jun 29, 2018
A Mongolian Shamaness or Buu, beats her drum while taking part with others in a fire ritual meant to summon spirits to mark the period of the Summer Solstice in the grasslands outside Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Banned for 70 years under Communist rule, ...  


I spend my money on 'God not witchcraft'

The Star, KenyaThe Star, Kenya - Jul 15, 2018
Deputy President William Ruto yesterday lashed out at critics who have been castigating him for his huge and frequent donations to churches. He said they spend their money on witchcraft. “Some people have been criticising my frequent church attendance.  


Bashing Wicca As A Polytheist Or Occultist Doesn't Make You Cool And You Know Nothing About It Besides

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Jun 18, 2018
The reality is that initiatory Wiccan traditions have far more in common as a group to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, OTO, Freemasonry, or any other initiatory tradition that has people in it of multiple faiths and backgrounds, but Wicca-the ...  

Hatha Yoga

Why aerial yoga has taken off in Asia – it improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, and helps relieve stress

South China Morning PostSouth China Morning Post - Jul 15, 2018
Michelle Dortignac, of Unnata Aerial Yoga in New York, is a dancer who practised and taught Hatha yoga for years before taking an aerial acrobatics class. She claims inspiration from BKS Iyengar's school of yoga – particularly his extensive use of ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

Zac Efron Now Looks Like He Runs An Ashtanga Yoga Retreat In Bali

Esquire.comEsquire.com - Jul 6, 2018
Zac Efron has debuted his new dreadlocks on Instagram in a look we can only describe as 'the guy you meet in a hostel in Bogota who repeatedly tells you he "doesn't sell weed but you can smoke some with him"'. The image, captioned "Just for fun", went ...  

Bhagavad Gita

State Decision To Distribute Bhagavad Gita In Mumbai Colleges Sparks Row

NDTVNDTV - Jul 13, 2018
After massive protests by the opposition parties over its purported decision to distribute free copies of Hindu holy scripture ''Bhagavad Gita'', the state government indicated it has halted the move, a prominent student union leader said on Thursday ...  

Reiki Healing

I Got A Reiki Facial To Clear My Skin & My Mind — Here's What Happened

Refinery29Refinery29 - Jul 10, 2018
She created the reiki healing facial after noticing that, although her clients came to her primarily for emotional reasons, their faces tended to look brighter post-treatment. "One thing that I noticed was, on leaving, they often looked subtly ...  

Falun Gong

Parade Commemorating Persecution of Falun Gong in San Francisco

The Epoch TimesThe Epoch Times - Jul 18, 2018
A parade commemorating the 19th anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong in China was held in San Francisco on July 14, 2018. Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a traditional meditation practice with roots in ancient China. The practice ...  


Ireland hosepipe ban: Scientology sprinkler use sparks anger

Irish MirrorIrish Mirror - Jul 11, 2018
The Church of Scientology has been using its sprinklers to water their sports pitches despite the hosepipe ban. The current heatwave that has gripped the nation has led to water shortage and a nationwide hosepipe ban is to be in place until July 31.  

Tarot Cards

WB Yeats Loved Tarot Cards

JSTOR DailyJSTOR Daily - Jun 13, 2018
Widely considered to be one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, William Butler Yeats, born on June 13th, 1865, was the winner of the 1923 Nobel Prize in Literature and a driving force behind the Irish Literary Revival. But in the 1880s, he ...  

Hare Krishna

New documentary looks at the birth of the Hare Krishna movement
Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal - Jul 17, 2018

The documentary film Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all will be showing at the Ashcroft HUB on Friday, July 20 at 7 p.m. The event is by donation, with partial proceeds going to the Ashcroft Volunteer Fire ...  


Confluence of Cultures: Upanishads Meet Bhakti Poetry

Deccan HeraldDeccan Herald - Jul 6, 2018
Jul 06 2018, 21:16pm ist; updated: Jul 06 2018, 21:16pm ist. About: What happens when Upanishads come together with Bhakti Poetry? Catch Bengaluru's Sunaad, explore this very question through a performance at The Courtyard, this Sunday, July 8th!  


Satanism, witchcraft real or perceived
DailyNews - Jul 1, 2018

HARARE - Modern folk considers witchcraft to be a perception and satanism to be the “dark side of Christianity”, but for many Zimbabweans, both witchcraft and satanism are equally evil and satanic. For the majority of Zimbabweans of Christian descent, ...  

Handwriting Analysis

Donald Trump's signature – here is what handwriting analysis reveals about the President's autograph

The SunThe Sun - Jul 13, 2018
A HANDWRITING expert has analysed Donald Trump's signature. The US President, who recently met Kim Jong-un to discuss his controversial nuclear weapons programme, has signed dozens of executive orders since he took office. President Trump and ...  


France's Ghosts Return for the World Cup

The AtlanticThe Atlantic - Jul 14, 2018
As we flooded out Paris into the streets to celebrate France's World Cup semifinal victory Tuesday night, I saw, here and there, people wearing jerseys from 1998. They are looser than the ones they sell now, a brighter blue, with a red stripe and a ...  


The First 'Overlord' Trailer Serves Up Lots Of Demons And Nazis

UPROXXUPROXX - Jul 18, 2018
Zombies, werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, vampires… and now, with Overlord, from J.J. Abrams, we've got Nazis possessed by demons, because hey, opening the gates of Hell won't have any negative consequences for Germany, right? Directed by ...  


Movie review: 'Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation' proves vampires are better in the dark

Deseret NewsDeseret News - Jul 13, 2018
“HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION” — 2½ stars — Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg; PG (some action and rude humor); in general release. In a recent episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Jerry Seinfeld suggests ...  


Accused SMC Arsonist Blames Zombies, Cults: Prosecutors

Patch.comPatch.com - Jul 11, 2018
SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA — A woman accused of setting two fires in Half Moon Bay within one week is now behind bars on charges of arson— and apparently has some bizarre reasons for sparking the blazes, including zombies and cults, authorities say.  


Angels face a series of decisions that could determine their future

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Jul 14, 2018
Mike Trout's six-year, $144.5-million contract expires after 2020, and if the Angels are to have any hope of retaining baseball's best player with a lucrative extension, they must make the moves necessary to build into a playoff contender by 2019 and a ...  


Pfc Hudson Was The Belligerent Marine We All Wanted To Be In 'Aliens'

Task & PurposeTask & Purpose - Jul 11, 2018
When James Cameron's Aliens blasted onto the big screen with pulse rifles blazing in 1986, the sci-fi blockbuster burrowed its way into our hearts — before gruesomely bursting out of chest cavities — thanks in large part to the ill-fated but ...  

Christian Priest

India Christian priest arrested over rape charge

BBC NewsBBC News - Jul 12, 2018
He is one of four priests who allegedly raped and blackmailed a woman in exchange for sexual acts.  

Catholic Priest

Catholic priest kidnapped in Nigeria released unharmed

Crux: Covering all things CatholicCrux: Covering all things Catholic - Jul 10, 2018
A Catholic priest kidnapped last week in Nigeria has been released unharmed after the intervention of the local police. Father Paulinus Udewangu of St. Marks Catholic Church in Nsude was kidnapped on July 4 while jogging. Nsude is in Nigeria's ...  

Catholic Bishop

'Weeping' Virgin Mary's tears are olive oil, bishop says. Investigators are mystified

The Philadelphia TribuneKansas City Star - Jul 18, 2018
A Catholic bishop in New Mexico says the “tears” flowing from a statue of the Virgin Mary that has attracted thousands of visitors are olive oil. Church officials collected samples of the fluid seeping from the bronze statue at Our Lady of Guadalupe ...  

Catholic Pope

Egypt's Pope Tawadros II and Catholic Pope Francis pray with Middle East church leaders

Ahram OnlineAhram Online - Jul 7, 2018
Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II has taken part in an ecumenical day of prayer for the Middle East organised by Pope Francis, Al-Ahram reported. Church leaders from all over the Middle East and the world have joined the Catholic pontiff in praying for ...  

Protestant Pastor

Vatican-OK'd journal strikes out again at US evangelicals
Herald-Whig - Jul 19, 2018

Two of Pope Francis' top communications advisers — an Italian Jesuit and an Argentine Protestant pastor — penned "The Prosperity Gospel: Dangerous and Different" for the current issue of the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, published Wednesday.  

Jewish Rabbi

Here's What Ivanka Trump's Rabbi Thinks About Families Being Separated at the Border

NewsweekNewsweek - Jun 20, 2018
There's been no shortage of religious outcry over the Trump administration's policy of separating minor children from their parents after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called the policy "immoral," Cardinal ...  

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