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Is a Buddhist Group Changing China? Or Is China Changing It ...

New York TimesNew York Times - Jun 25, 2017
A statue of the Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the leader of the Buddhist organization Fo Guang Shan, in Yixing. Credit Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times.  


Bernie Sanders, the Left, Christianity and the Constitution

Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune - Jun 21, 2017
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, questions Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney during a hearing May 25, 2017 in Washington, D.C. In a separate hearing, Sanders had pointed questions for ...  


Amazon to Buy Catholicism for $800 Billion

HuffPostHuffPost - Jun 24, 2017
As several tech insiders have reported, Amazon has apparently reached an agreement with the Vatican to purchase Catholicism for $800 billion. If approved, the deal would put the tech giant at the forefront of the burgeoning big-box religion sector.  


The story of Mormonism Part 4 – Dissent and divisions

Jamaica GleanerJamaica Gleaner - Jun 10, 2017
Joseph Smith, it is said, founded Mormonism in New York in the 1820s. He and his followers moved from state to state to avoid persecution. They settled and bought the town of Commerce in Illinois, which they renamed Nauvoo. In Nauvoo, Smith instituted ...  


JM Coetzee's Essential Protestantism

The Nation.The Nation. - Jun 1, 2017
Coetzee's Protestantism is a matter of lineage and culture: He's a descendant of the Dutch Reformed settlers in South Africa who became the Afrikaners. But it is also, he makes clear in his memoirs, a matter of personality and sensibility. In Boyhood ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Jehovah's Witness in Crimea 'ordered to renounce faith to be drafted into Russian army'

The IndependentThe Independent - Jun 24, 2017
Crimean authorities may have breached international laws by ordering a Jehovah's Witness to prove he has abandoned his faith before being drafted into the occupying Russian army, according to a human rights monitor. Members of the Christian ...  


Fake News Buster: Did Brett Lee and his wife convert to Hinduism?

Bangalore MirrorBangalore Mirror - Jun 15, 2017
The photo is captioned: Brett Lee and Lana Anderson - We have accepted Sanatan religion, will you welcome us in Hinduism? SO, WHAT IS THE TRUTH? This is a hoax. The photo is from Brett Lee and his wife's visit to St Jude's Childcare Center in Mumbai ...  


In Germany, a new 'feminist' Islam is hoping to make a mark

Irish TimesWashington Post - Jun 17, 2017
And just like that, the inaugural Friday prayers at Berlin's Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque came to a close — offering a different vision of Islam on a continent that is locked in a bitter culture war over how and whether to welcome the faith. Toxic ills ...  


Ultra-Orthodox MK claims Reform Jews 'counterfeiting Judaism'
The Times of Israel (blog) - Jun 26, 2017

United Torah Judaism MK Menachem Eliezer Mozes accuses Reform Jews of “counterfeiting Judaism” and inventing their own traditions not in line with Jewish law. “This is Judaism? I suggest you please open on the internet [and] Google 'bark mitzvah,'” he ...  


Sectarian Shiism versus political Shiism threat
Al-Arabiya - May 18, 2017

Shiites in Saudi Arabia have been there for as long as the Sunnis. They are part of our country's fabric. They are Saudis first and foremost. Their religious affiliation of belonging to the Arab Shiite sect comes in second. Shiites are of course part ...  


First State high school student discusses Sikhism with classmates

Delaware First MediaDelaware First Media - Jun 12, 2017
Jasmine Kaur Minhas is a junior at the Tower Hill School, and recently gave a presentation to her classmates about Sikhism – the world's 5th largest religion. She showed a video highlighting the history of Sikhs in America – owning the largest peach, ...  


Cheap In Erie: Faith page giving away book about Sufism

GoErie.comGoErie.com - Jun 19, 2017
This week's Erie Times-News Faith page book giveaway is the updated 25th anniversary edition of “Living Presence.” The book by Kabir Helminski is subtitled “The Sufi Path to Mindfulness and the Essential Self.” To enter the drawing, send your full name ...  


Why Asia's Leaders Still Have To Become Global Leaders

ForbesForbes - Jun 20, 2017
Confucianism forms the cultural core of many senior business leaders in China and, as a result, they lean toward a hierarchical leadership style, the study shows. This is also true of leaders in South Korea, a country also heavily influenced by ...  


In praise of the Yellow River

The HinduThe Hindu - Jun 17, 2017
But there is more to the Hangu Pass than military strategy. An imposing golden statue of Lao-Tzu, the famous Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, dominates a nearly 17 sq. km. tourist complex that includes the Hangu Pass. It was here at the ...  


Asking the clergy: What is the purpose of religious dietary restrictions?
Newsday - Jun 21, 2017

About 100,000 people practice Jainism in the United States. Jainism's messages, which include reverence for life in all its forms, commitment to the progress of human civilization and the preservation of the natural environment, have a profound effect ...  


Iraqi president calling Yezidis 'remnants of Zoroastrianism' sparks anger

RudawRudaw - May 23, 2017
“Even the Zoroastrianism has benefited from some elements of Ezidism, because it comes after the Ezidi,”Qasim said. He claimed that many of the elements of the holy book of the Zoroastrian religion come from religions that preceded it, including Metra ...  

Unitarian Universalism

UUA board approves funding plan for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism

uuworld.orguuworld.org - Jun 21, 2017
The Unitarian Universalist Board of Trustees voted Tuesday, June 20, to authorize a binding memorandum of understanding between the UUA and Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) to fulfill the board's promise of $5.3 million in funding to the ...  


What Are Rastafarians And What Do They Believe?

CivilizedCivilized - May 31, 2017
The term “Rastafarian” is a word that describes a practitioner of the Rastafari religion. However, the word “Rastafarian” is used almost exclusively by people outside of the faith as followers reject the idea of being labeled an “ian” or “ism” - they ...  


Celebration of human-animal bonds at annual Shinto pet blessing

KHON2KHON2 - Jun 4, 2017
From French bulldogs to finches, pets of all sorts owned by humans of all faiths are invited to receive blessings on Sunday. The Shinto shrine Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha-Hawaii Dazaifu Tenmangu in Kalihi is holding its annual pet blessing festival. It's ...  


Atheism, Women's Rights, and Human Rights with Marie Alena Castle – Q&A Session 1

The Good Men Project (blog)The Good Men Project (blog) - Jun 16, 2017
She was raised Roman Catholic but became an atheist. She has been important to atheism, Minnesota Atheists, The Moral Atheist, National Organization of Women, and wrote Culture Wars: The Threat to Your Family and Your Freedom (2013). She has a ...  


Ann Arbor mom explains being a witch, paganism and solstice rituals

Detroit Free PressDetroit Free Press - Jun 20, 2017
Moira Payne has identified as a witch for a decade now. Born to a Jewish father and a Catholic-raised mother, the Ann Arbor 48-year-old decided that she wanted to be a witch after she began attending pagan festivals in Michigan and reading up on ...  

New Age

Police follow new age traveller convoy to Stonehenge – archive, 1985

The GuardianThe Guardian - Jun 21, 2017
As the swollen ranks of hippies hoping to celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge settled in for an evening of rock and roll and waited for darkness an uneasy calm descended on the Wiltshire countryside last night. It resembled Nottinghamshire ...  


Meditation for beginners: Mid-valley offers plenty of places to start ...

Albany Democrat HeraldAlbany Democrat Herald - Jun 18, 2017
In recent years, the benefits of meditation have been acknowledged not only by spiritual leaders, but also by scientists and researchers alike.  


Astrology 6/15/17

Boulder WeeklyBoulder Weekly - Jun 14, 2017
22: “Dear Dr. Astrology: Good fortune has been visiting me a lot lately. Many cool opportunities have come my way. Life is consistently interesting. I've also made two unwise moves that fortunately didn't bring bad results. Things often work out better ...  


Eugene Pobelter Park and the reincarnation of Immortals

ESPNESPN - Jun 23, 2017
After a crushing end to 2016 North American League Championship Series and more struggles in the 2017 spring split, Immortals are riding high in first place ...  


How One Man Used a Deck of Cards to Make Parapsychology a Science

Atlas ObscuraAtlas Obscura - Dec 27, 2016
In a lot of ways, that's a space also occupied by the man who pioneered their use, Dr. Joseph B. Rhine, founder of the Duke Parapsychology Lab. Rhine's interest in the paranormal took hold in 1922, when he was a young plant physiologist earning a Ph.D ...  


A Process of Transformation
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies - Jun 4, 2017

Among the influences was the ornate family of initiatory "magikal" groups such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism, and Aleister Crowley's Thelema cult. A different influence was Anton Szandor LaVey's Church of Satan. The Process did not ...  


Ballet 'Giselle' meets Korean shamanism

Korea TimesKorea Times - May 28, 2017
The Busan National Gugak Center will showcase a unique marriage of traditional Korean dance with Western ballet, "Giselle's Sorrow or the Flower Ceremony," on May 30. close. The show premiered in France last year as a Korean-French collaborative ...  


Is witchcraft to blame for 'half-human, half- sheep' creature?

East Coast RadioEast Coast Radio - Jun 23, 2017
There have been many reports of animals being born deformed...A seven-legged lamb was photographed in New Zealand, an albino snake born with two heads ...  


What the devil? Belief in Wicca pagan religion got him fired, $10 million-lawsuit alleges

SILive.comSILive.com - Jun 2, 2017
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- His co-workers and bosses gave him a devil of a time over his belief in Wicca, a modern form of paganism, accusing it of being "Satanism" and a "hate crime" against Christianity, and resulting in his harassment and firing, a ...  

Hatha Yoga

International Yoga Day 2017: Hatha, Yin or Power

FirstpostFirstpost - Jun 21, 2017
When a yoga class is marketed as Hatha yoga class, it means that you will get a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. You probably won't work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but you should end up leaving class feeling longer, looser ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

My workout: 'People are surprised how physical ashtanga yoga is'

The GuardianThe Guardian - May 27, 2017
I took up ashtanga yoga in 2002, just after the death of my dad. My mum bought me a book token for my birthday and had written “love from Mum – and I'm sure Dad too”. I wanted this “parting gift” to be something that would help me remember him. I was ...  

Bhagavad Gita

1st calligraphic exhibition of 'Bhagavad Gita' held in China

Zee NewsZee News - Jun 15, 2017
Beijing: A first-ever calligraphic exhibition depicting the verses of 'Bhagavad Gita' was held on Thursday in China, highlighting its growing popularity in the Communist nation. Drawn by China's renowned calligrapher Dai Daosen, the calligraphic ...  

Reiki Healing

Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki

Paste MagazinePaste Magazine - May 26, 2017
Reiki healing can also be sent over distance, allowing a practitioner on one coast to send healing energy to someone clear across the country. You can also use reiki healing on yourself. Yep, anyone can learn to utilize reiki healing and manipulate his ...  

Falun Gong

Falun Gong member cleared of hitting 'unreliable witness' pro-Beijing activist

Hong Kong Free PressHong Kong Free Press - Jun 8, 2017
Falun Gong practitioner Sze Chu-ming was originally fined HK$3,500 after being convicted by the Magistrates' Court of hitting the right hand of Hong Kong Youth Care Association member Cheung Lau-ching in Mong Kok in April 2015. Sze then lodged an ...  


Clearwater City Council again thwarts Scientology land deal

Tampabay.com (blog)Tampabay.com (blog) - Jun 15, 2017
Scientology has been under contract since January to buy the vacant lot on Cleveland Street for $625,000. It is currently owned by a company managed by developer Guy Bonneville. Under terms of the proposed agreement, the church would then swap the ...  

Tarot Cards

How tarot cards became an essential part of my daily existence

The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Sydney Morning Herald - Jun 13, 2017
It can be hard to make and keep friends as an autistic woman. The world of face-to-face communication is a maze I often find very difficult to get in and out of. SHARE; Share on Facebook SHARE; Share on Twitter TWEET; Link. Madeleine Ryan Photo: Hector ...  

Hare Krishna

'Maudie', 'The Journey' & 'Hare Krishna' Open Solid – Specialty Box Office

DeadlineDeadline - Jun 18, 2017
Several new Specialty titles opened this weekend with single engagements, including documentary Hare Krishna: The Mantra, The Movement and The Swami Who Started It All from Abramorama, grossing $21,473 from one showing in New York, which by ...  


Rahul Gandhi's encounter with the Upanishads

Yahoo India NewsYahoo India News - Jun 13, 2017
Once Rahul Gandhi decided to acquire the wisdom of the Upanishads to explore ways to counter the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he found a wise teacher well-versed in the knowledge of the scriptures.  


Christians and Jews Combat Witches' Summer Solstice Satanic Spells on Trump

CBN NewsCBN News - Jun 22, 2017
Asore investigates the dangers of modern Satanism as part of his role as a Jewish leader. He says the witches' spells are just part of a broader growth in Satanism. "The politicians who believe that man can control all aspects of the world are coming ...  

Handwriting Analysis

Minnesota teen is national handwriting champion

Indiana GazetteIndiana Gazette - Jun 23, 2017
Four years ago, the Campaign for Cursive, a committee of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, started a Cursive Is Cool contest, which gets about 600 entries a year from elementary school students in the U.S. and Canada. The World Handwriting ...  


'I have seen my brothers' ghosts': The last surviving Bee Gee Barry, 70, opens up about losing his siblings and ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Sep 4, 2016
In a searingly emotional interview, Barry Gibb – the last surviving Bee Gee – opens up as never before about the pain of losing all three of his brothers... and how they haunt him to this day. By Chrissy Iley. Barry Gibb is telling me he has seen ...  


Koji Igarashi can't stay away from demons and vampires

The VergeThe Verge - Jun 19, 2017
It's easy to pick out Koji "Iga" Igarashi in a crowd. Clad entirely in black, with a cowboy hat perched above a long ponytail, Igarashi looks the part of a renegade.  


Zombies, Vampires and Republicans

New York TimesNew York Times - Jun 19, 2017
Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, with fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill this month. Credit Zach Gibson/Getty Images. Zombies have long ruled the ...  


Emojis for zombies, T-Rex and Colbert are almost here

EngadgetEngadget - Jun 22, 2017
The finalized set of 56 emoji (up from 48 when we last reported) includes a slew of outlandish people and beasts, including zombies, vampires, fairies and dinosaurs. It also does more to accommodate women with emoji for breastfeeding and the hijab ...  


Angels' Cam Bedrosian is happy with the velocity of his fastball

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times - Jun 19, 2017
That the velocity of Cam Bedrosian's fastball was a tick or two off from his usual 95-97 mph in his return from a right groin strain Saturday night was more a reason for encouragement than concern for the Angels reliever. “Honestly, I'm pretty happy ...  


Aliens could still explain the 'Wow signal,' scientists say

CNETCNET - Jun 14, 2017
This month an astronomer claimed to have debunked a mysterious 1977 radio signal from deep space, but other scientists aren't buying his theory.  

Christian Priest

ISIS-linked terrorists in Philippines take hundreds of hostages, most Christian, priest says

Fox NewsFox News - May 30, 2017
Police patrol the streets of Marawi city as government troops battle with Muslim militants who continue to hold their ground in some areas of the city for almost a week Monday in the southern Philippines. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez). A Catholic priest ...  

Catholic Priest

Stowe gets new Catholic priest

BurlingtonFreePress.comBurlingtonFreePress.com - Jun 20, 2017
STOWE — After nearly a year sharing a priest, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church will have its own starting in early July. Monsignor Peter Routhier, who currently oversees St. Augustine in Montpelier, will move to Stowe and begin administering Masses ...  

Catholic Bishop

New Catholic bishop reassigning many priests in Memphis

The Commercial AppealThe Commercial Appeal - Jun 12, 2017
As many as two-thirds of the active parish priests in the Memphis diocese are being reassigned, an unusually large number for one year.  

Catholic Pope

Melania Trump reveals she is a devout Catholic after meeting the Pope – the first of the faith in the White House ...

The SunThe Sun - May 25, 2017
FIRST Lady Melania Trump has revealed she is a Catholic after a private audience with the Pope yesterday. It comes after Pope Francis blessed her rosary for her during her Vatican visit with the President. US First Lady Melania Trump prays at the ...  

Protestant Pastor

Outspoken bishop steps down after almost two decades leading Calgary's Catholics, cites health reasons

National PostNational Post - Jun 20, 2017
But Tim Callaway, a protestant pastor in the Calgary area for the past 20 years, said many of Henry's positions were simply outdated. “He reflects his age on contemporary topics. (His positions) are stiff and inflexible,” Callaway said, which is ...  

Jewish Rabbi

Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

Center for Research on GlobalizationCenter for Research on Globalization - Jun 21, 2017
The foreign ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Sunday, demanded the arrest of a Jewish Rabbi, who called on Israeli settlers to poison water used by Palestinians in hundreds of towns and villages across the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian ...  

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