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Zen Scholar Presenting History and Practice of Buddhism

Big Island NowBig Island Now - Mar 16, 2017
During his presentation, Unno will talk about the history behind Buddhism and the development of different practices of mindfulness, as well as the Shin Buddhist path of Namu Amida Butsu–a widespread form of nembutsu–which aims to cultivate a state of ...  


And now, Network Christianity

Huffington PostPatheos (blog) - Mar 20, 2017
There is a new movement in Pentecostal Christianity, focused not on church but on "capturing" the "seven mountains of culture."  


The great 'adventure story' of British Catholicism

Spectator.co.ukSpectator.co.uk - Mar 16, 2017
'The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales' by Daphne Pollen. The two foreground figures are Margaret Clitheroe and Nicholas Owen, the priest-hole maker. Behind Margaret Clitheroe, with arms crossed, is Edmund Campion. Philip Howard, 1st Earl of Arundel, ...  


What is Mormonism, what is the Book of Mormon, what are their ...

The SunThe Sun - Mar 22, 2017
Everything you need to know about the religious followers that often knock on people's doors.  


Resisting Protestantism

Church MilitantChurch Militant - Mar 10, 2017
We know from reliable polling that when Catholics leave the Church, about half go to one of the emotional mega-church branches of Protestantism while the other half abandon religion completely. This would suggest that that the mega-churches are ...  

Jehovahs Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Are Latest Religious Group Being Persecuted in Russia

World Religion NewsWorld Religion News - Mar 15, 2017
Vasily Kalin, the leader of the Russian branch of Jehovah's Witnesses, has requested Mikhail Fedotov, the head of the Russian human rights council, to prevent what he fears is a complete ban on the religion. According to the Russian branch, this ...  


Hinduism is more than cows and karma

DailyOThe Diamondback - Mar 14, 2017
First off, let me clarify that Hinduism does not have one specific doctrine; rather, it is more of a lifestyle that can be interpreted by people in their own personal manner. This is why it is acceptable in the Hindu faith to worship God by various ...  


Students divided over free speech, Islam at Hijab-a-Thon

The Miami HurricaneThe Miami Hurricane - Mar 23, 2017
It was intended to be a peaceful event to educate students on Islam and the meaning of the hijab, a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women, but by the end of the afternoon it was an all-out impassioned debate about freedom of speech and religion.  


Papal Anti-Judaism? | Catholic World Report

Catholic World ReportCatholic World Report - Mar 14, 2017
Papal Anti-Judaism? We have heard the Pope say over and over again that he is no theologian and that he doesn't care much for theology, but it is exactly that ...  


Shiism: Iranian Cover for Community Division in West Africa

Asharq Al-awsat EnglishAsharq Al-awsat English - Nov 15, 2016
As per the conference, it seems that the Iranian authorities considered it the biggest national project to spread Shiism and the message of Imam Mahdi in 30 Africa countries. Experts in African affairs admit that the religious-sectarian issue has ...  


Pakistan: Sikhs plan protest over omission of their religion from census

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Mar 18, 2017
“Every religion is mentioned in the census form except Sikhism, which is a religion recognised the world over, but sadly our government has forgotten us in the most important national event that can change the fate of every Pakistani,” The Express ...  


"Sufism offers neutral space for religious harmony"
Press Trust of India - Mar 23, 2017

"When there is so much unrest in the name of religion, sect and caste in the society today, Sufism is offering a neutral space to people, which does not belong to any religion in particular," says Sangari, who is in Delhi for a Sufi music event 'Jashn ...  


Foot-binding and Ruism (Confucianism)

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Mar 16, 2017
If there is anything of which the Chinese Ru (Confucian) Tradition should feel guilty about, it is the past practice of female foot-binding in late imperial China. This does not mean that it was Ruism alone that caused the perpetuation of this awful ...  


Enormous cake celebrates birth anniversary of Taoism founder

Global TimesGlobal Times - Mar 14, 2017
Over 10,000 people gathered around the world's highest bronze statue of Lao Zi (604-531 BC), an ancient Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism, on Lao Junshan Mountain in Henan province on March 12. The crowd assembled to celebrate the ...  


Mohini Jain Donates $1.5M to Advance Study of Jainism

India WestIndia West - Feb 23, 2017
Mohini Jain, an Indian American retired teacher and resident of Davis, Calif., donated $1.5 million to U.C. Davis to advance the study of Jainism. As part of the gift, the university will establish the Mohini Jain Presidential Chair for Jain Studies in ...  


Between twin barbarisms

New StatesmanNew Statesman - Mar 13, 2017
Sheikh's first speech as leader was deeply sectarian; he declared Shias “the enemy”, cursed Alawites (the heterodox sect to which Assad belongs) and called for hostilities against the “forces of Zoroastrianism” (used in this context as a pejorative ...  

Unitarian Universalism

Town Crier: Family Stuff
Casper Star-Tribune Online - Mar 19, 2017

The UU weekly coffee talk is held Tuesdays at 10 a.m., and the weekly meditation group meets Sundays at 4 p.m. For more information about these events or about Unitarian Universalism, visit uucasper.org, email info@uucasper.org, visit us on Facebook, ...  


Use of marijuana didn't start with Rastafari – history lecturer

GhanaWebGhanaWeb - Feb 28, 2017
A lecturer at the History Department of the University of Cape Coast, Professor De-Valera Botchway has demystified misconceptions associated with Rastafari and the use of marijuana. Rasta himself, he argued that the usage of the plant began with human ...  


7 Suggestions For A Shinto-Pagan Spring Equinox

Patheos (blog)Patheos (blog) - Mar 12, 2017
This is thanks to the fact that the Spring Equinox is an important day in Shinto and Buddhism, the two main religions in Japan which are more or less merged with each other. It's part of a seven-day period called Higan, which is a time for remembering ...  


Is atheism dying out? Study finds religious people reproduce MORE due to their lack of belief in contraception

Daily MailDaily Mail - Mar 15, 2017
A controversial new study has claimed that atheism is on the verge of dying out. Researchers found that since religious groups preach against contraception, they tend to have more children than those who label themselves as atheists. These findings ...  


Paganism with a $16 paella: why my love for festivals takes me way back

The GuardianThe Guardian - Mar 10, 2017
Paganism with a $16 paella: why my love for festivals takes me way back. Brigid Delaney. In Adelaide the streets are jammed and the people are demob happy as they let themselves go … in a controlled way. Crowd members dance at WOMADelaide 2016.  

New Age

Curated ears and chunky rings: welcome to the new age of jewellery ...
The Guardian - Mar 19, 2017

Forget everything you thought you knew about earrings, bracelets and pendants – the bijouterie rulebook has been rewritten for spring/summer 2017.  


Military college professors teach cadets meditation to help them be ...
ABC News - Mar 15, 2017

Deep in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, a prestigious military college in southern Virginia seeped in more than a century of tradition has embraced ...  


Astrology for Feminists: Week of March 13-20

Wear Your VoiceWear Your Voice - Mar 13, 2017
This week's astrology is all about Venus retro, recovering from the full Moon in Virgo and getting ready for the Moon's energy in Sagittarius this weekend. by The Mystical Sister. Venus retrograde is fully underway this week, and you could start to see ...  


Watch John Oliver Interview Dalai Lama Over Reincarnation Controversy

RollingStone.comRollingStone.com - Mar 6, 2017
John Oliver traveled to Dharamsala, India for a hilarious, enlightening conversation with the Dalai Lama on Last Week Tonight. Tibet's political and spiritual leader, whom Oliver dubbed the original "woke bae," discussed Chinese oppression and the ...  


How One Man Used a Deck of Cards to Make Parapsychology a Science

Atlas ObscuraAtlas Obscura - Dec 27, 2016
In a lot of ways, that's a space also occupied by the man who pioneered their use, Dr. Joseph B. Rhine, founder of the Duke Parapsychology Lab. Rhine's interest in the paranormal took hold in 1922, when he was a young plant physiologist earning a Ph.D ...  


Shadows in the Shadows: The Rosicrucians, A Fake Secret Society, Had a Real Impact on the World

NewsweekNewsweek - Apr 19, 2015
212694 Caption: Mysterious Ceremony A member pf Societas Rosicruciana in America stands in the interior of his society's New York temple, in 1913. Organizations adhering to the teachings of Rosicrucianism continued to crop up centuries after the ...  


Santa Claus: Origins In Siberian Shamanism

Huffington PostHuffington Post - Mar 7, 2017
The origins of Santa Claus may reside within the symbolic representation of pre-christian Siberian Shamanism. Jerry B. Brown, PhD and Julie M. Brown, M.A, describe the original creation of Santa Claus within an article excerpting The Psychedelic ...  


Modern witchcraft and the spell on Donald Trump — a murky ...

ABC OnlineABC Online - Mar 12, 2017
What does it mean to be a witch today? And what is a binding spell on US President Donald Trump trying to achieve?  


The Love Witch review: Bewitching wicca woman weaves her wiley web
Irish Times (blog) - Mar 14, 2017

Anna Biller's delicious, egg-headed second feature has already triggered an enviable sort of controversy. There have been a few negative notices. But, for the most part, critics have argued over the right reasons to like it. Detailing the adventures of ...  

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga classes offered at Beecher Center
Kendall County Now (subscription) - Mar 9, 2017

Senior Services offers yoga classes from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Mondays for senior citizens at the Beecher Center, 908 Game Farm Road in Yorkville, with yoga instructor Michelle O'Hara of Yorkville. “Yoga is a great way to keep active as well as to ...  

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga: What is it?

The Plaid Zebra (blog)The Plaid Zebra (blog) - Mar 14, 2017
Ashtanga yoga quite literally brings the heat from your head to your feet. Yes, it's not any ordinary lazy man's form of stress reduction and postural Zen. If you're looking for a challenge, it'll give you one. Ashtanga yoga aims to harmonize breath ...  

Bhagavad Gita

Bill in LS for compulsory teaching of Bhagavad Gita in education institutions

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Mar 10, 2017
Bill in LS for compulsory teaching of Bhagavad Gita in education institutions. india Updated: Mar 10, 2017 21:53 IST. Press Trust of India New Delhi. Lok Sabha. A bill to provide compulsory teaching of Bhagvad Gita as moral education subject in ...  

Reiki Healing

Portugisiske Marisa tilbyder reiki-healing og krystalterapi

JydskeVestkystenJydskeVestkysten - Mar 1, 2017
Nogle gange sker der mirakler - uden vi kan forklare det, siger Marisa, der blandt andet tilbyder reiki-healing, astrologi, krystalterapi og Quantum Radionic Table, der er det mindst kendte i Danmark, men udbredt i Brasilien og Portugal. Marisa vil ...  

Falun Gong

Falun Gong Persists After 17 Years of Chinese Communist Persecution: Rights Group

The Epoch TimesThe Epoch Times - Mar 1, 2017
As part of a new report detailing the persecution of religious groups in China, Freedom House released a detailed synopsis on the 17-year-long persecution of Falun Gong in China. Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is a type of traditional meditation ...  


'My Scientology Movie' review: Louis Theroux attempts to skewer a ...

MLive.comMLive.com - Mar 19, 2017
The first rule of Scientology is, you don't talk about Scientology. Louis Theroux had to know this when he decided to make a documentary about the controversial ...  

Tarot Cards

Season of the witch: why young women are flocking to the ancient craft
The Guardian - Feb 24, 2015

Given the strength of the reaction, you would think that Banks was the first woman to cross over to the dark side. You would be wrong. Witchcraft – and the embrace of “magical” practices, like reading tarot cards – has recently experienced a resurgence ...  

Hare Krishna

Ladysmith Hare Krishna Movement devotees glorify and worship the Lordships

Ladysmith GazetteLadysmith Gazette - Mar 13, 2017
The Hare Krishna Movement celebrated the Appearance Day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on Sunday morning at the Hare Krishna Temple. The function was attended by devotees from as far as Durban and Estcourt, as well as Ladysmith. The local ...  


JNU set to promote study of Rigveda and Upanishads

Hindustan TimesHindustan Times - Feb 23, 2017
Jawaharlal Nehru University will launch an endowment fund with the help of a Non-Residential Indian (NRI) professor, Madan Gopal Seth, to promote research activities in the study of the Rigveda and the Upnishads. Seth, an Indian citizen, promised to ...  


To See Satan At Work Don't Look At Satanism. There Are Much Worse Things Out There

ChristianTodayChristianToday - Feb 21, 2017
Real Satanists are quite rare, though some American schools have after-school Satan Clubs that are hotly protested by many parents. The Satanic Temple of Detroit, really a front for a religious liberty group, put on a Satanic nativity at Christmas – a ...  

Handwriting Analysis

The Donald's 'The Signature': A handwriting analysis

American Thinker (blog)American Thinker (blog) - Mar 4, 2017
Seven years ago, in these pages, we analyzed the handwriting of the then president, Barack Hussein O., and a few other politicians in the public eye. We found Barack's cursive John Hancock to be overblown, massively egotistic, unyielding, unresponsive ...  


You're better off without a date who 'ghosts' you
New York Post - Mar 20, 2017

Stan, 38, says he ghosts women regularly and thinks it's the more humane way to date. He says that when he has made the mistake of verbally breaking up with women with whom he had only gone on one or two dates, they often get angry and hurl insults.  


Hailey Baldwin: Demons can possess people | Fox News

Fox NewsFox News - Mar 15, 2017
Hailey Baldwin knows a thing or two about religion.  


Volunteer 'Vampires' Demonstrate Double Duty Of Fecal Calprotectin
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News - Mar 15, 2017

Fifteen of these healthy volunteer “vampires” agreed to participate in the study; all were free from known GI disease or symptoms, and had normal baseline levels of fecal calprotectin. All of them drank or consumed via nasogastric tube 100 and 300 mL ...  


A new season for The Zombies, coming to Jim Thorpe

Allentown Morning CallAllentown Morning Call - Mar 16, 2017
And everything for that sophomore effort seemed to happen perfectly. The Zombies persuaded an autocratic producer to let it find its own sound. It got time in The Beatles' studio Abbey Road. It even rehearsed the material prodigiously, working out any ...  


Lamb heads home to get medically cleared
MLB.com - Mar 20, 2017

The Angels signed Lamb to a Minor League deal in December after he was released by the Rays. The 26-year-old southpaw was once a heralded pitching prospect, but has logged a 6.17 ERA over 24 career Major League starts with the Reds and has ...  


Metallic sphere seven times size of Jupiter found

Express.co.ukExpress.co.uk - Mar 15, 2017
Metallic sphere seven times size of Jupiter found - and it's PROOF of aliens, hunters say. ASTRONOMERS have detected a rogue, highly-metallic object in deep space which they are baffled by the presence of, leading conspiracy theorists to the conclusion ...  

Christian Priest

Christian priest booked for raping minor girl

Indiatimes.comDaily Pioneer - Feb 27, 2017
The Kerala Police have registered a case against a Christian priest in Kerala's Kannur district for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl. Unconfirmed reports said the police had already taken Robin Vadakkumchery, Vicar of the church at Neendunokki near ...  

Catholic Priest

Kerala High Court Orders Accused To Surrender In Catholic Priest Rape Case

OneindiaNDTV - Mar 14, 2017
After Mr Vadakkanchery's arrest, it was revealed that the incident was kept secret by another Catholic priest Thomas Therakom who headed the state-run welfare committee of Wayanad district, a medical professional Betty Jose, Sister Ophelia and another ...  

Catholic Bishop

New Catholic bishop a 'humble servant' ready to nurture flock

Deseret NewsDeseret News - Mar 7, 2017
The Most Rev. Oscar A. Solis waves as he exits the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City after his installation as the 10th bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Related Links ...  

Catholic Pope

Pope Francis' fourth anniversary: will the reforms work?

National Catholic Reporter (blog)National Catholic Reporter (blog) - Mar 13, 2017
Afghan women hold placards as they take part in a protest demanding better living conditions at the refugee camp of the former international Helliniko airport in Athens, Greece, Feb. 18. Pope Francis' recent statements calling for a welcoming attitude ...  

Protestant Pastor

Former protestant pastors could strengthen the Catholic Church

AL.comAL.com - Mar 17, 2017
This knot has doubtlessly prevented many men from answering the call, either those Catholics who, like Saint Peter, are also called to marriage, or those protestants who, like Saint Paul, are also called to celibacy (a celibate protestant pastor would ...  

Jewish Rabbi

First openly gay Orthodox rabbi promotes diversity in Judaism

KentwiredKentwired - Mar 8, 2017
Greenberg is an openly gay Jewish rabbi and author. prev. next. Steven Greenberg, the first openly gay Orthodox rabbi, helped Kent State students cultivate open minds and analyze religious text to understand what it means to be a gay rabbi. Greenberg ...  

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